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D. Robert Junod, Owner, Chief Consultant


Robert started his career while in High School (circa 1978) as a Peer Instructor, teaching his classmates computer theory, BASIC programming, and Database technologies as perceived in the future.  While teaching, he worked at JINI-MICRO SYSTEMS as a beta testor & advisor for the JINSAM Database system which ran on the Commodore Business Machine 8086/6052 Microprocessor.

In 1982, he acheived his MIS degree from Blake Business School in which was then snatched up by Gdynia America Lines (an intercontinental shipping agency based in Poland) in New York City as a Systems Administrator on IBM Mini-Mainframes.
During 1989, became CFO of Asterix Technologies in Santa Cruz, CA.  Working with Clayton Tucker, they created Beachbum Software with a program entitled JMPTO which was a revolutionary search system designed for Windows 1.0-3.0/DOS environments.
in 1995 became intimately involved with the Wells Fargo Bank WDS Division to assist with the enabling the institution to be officially the first true bank to have Balances Online.  (Bank of America followed shortly thereafer).

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