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RETAINERS: A Retainer is a confirming offer to Robert's Consulting Service to begin working on your specific project.  The usual suggested amount is $500.  The retainer enables us to set up your Domain and Hosting account so you are able to immediately begin accessing your website.

PAYMENTS: By paying for your services through paypal there can be immediate uninterrupted service.  All payments are cleared upon receipt as opposed to sending in checks, money orders, etc. which requires 3-5 day bank clearance 


                           It's fast, easy and secure! 



$140.00 Annual Payment


All the Space, Bandwidth, Databases your site will ever need.



$14.00 Annual Payment

Domain Management Included


Retainers, Overages, Tips, Balances Due



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Would you be so kind as to drop us a note from the CONTACT FORM and let us know that you have sucribed to a DOMAIN, or HOSTING or made an ADDITIONAL PAYMENT so we can register your information into our financials, this way we are able to track your payment and apply it to the proper project.  Many Thanks!